Best Bedding for Winter Season

by Back 2 Linen on September 28, 2021
girl sleeping on organic linen pillowcase with ruffles

Have you ever wondered if you can sleep in your bedding all year round? Or should you change your bedding in summer season and have a different bedding in winter season? Or maybe there's a bedding that can be used all year round? In this article we'll answer all these questions, so your sleep gets much better during the winter season especially. Here we'll talk about most suitable bedding for cold season, describing the best fabrics and their properties.

Linen bedding - all year round bedding

Linen bedding is an excellent bedding for sleeping in it all year round. Due to linen fabric's thermo regulation properties, this bedding will keep you warm during the winter. It adopts to the body temperature and gives your body what it needs. Linen fabric is highly moisture absorbent, so your sheets will not feel humid and cold. They'll always feel pure and warm against the skin. Linen bedding is also hypoallergenic, so it's suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Another great quality of natural linen bedding is that it's very easy to take care for it. It's strong, durable and it doesn't require a special treatment and care. You can wash it in a washing machine in a standard regime. Linen bedding will keep its quality and you'll be able to use it for decades.

Linen bedding is also a sustainable choice, as it requires less resources and is more environmentally-friendly comparing to bedding made from other materials.

organic linen bedding in dark gray color on a bed
pink linen bedding with ruffles

Flannel bedding - traditional winter bedding

Flannel bedding is considered to be a traditional winter bedding. Those who live in colder states, will remember this type of bedding already from their childhood. Flannel is made mostly of cotton in a special technique, that gives the fabric a fluffiness and therefore excellent warming properties. Flannel is also very soft, so it's specially loved by kids.

Although this type of bedding is great for colder season, it'll not be able to use this bedding in summers when it's hot. Flannel doesn't have thermo-regulating properties, as it only gives warmth. If you choose the flannel bedding, then keep in mind, that you'll need to some other bedding in summers.

As the flannel fabric is loosely weaved, then it requires a special care. You have to look after it well, so it doesn't shrink - don't spin it too much, and don't use high temperatures. If taken care improperly, flannel bedding can not only shrink, but it can also get hard. Note to follow the care instructions when washing it.

plaid flannel bedding in red color on a bed
plaid flannel bedding in dark gray color

Fleece bedding - innovative winter bedding

Fleece bedding is a relatively new product in the market. This type of bedding is usually created from polyester. Although it's polyester, due to the special technique in which the fleece is made, it becomes fluffy, and therefore warm. This bedding will be good for the cold season, while in the warm season, you'll need to put it away for sure. It's because polyester, doesn't allow the skin to breathe, so it'll not regulate the body temperature.

This type of bedding is relatively easy to take care of, and it doesn't need any special treatment. The only issue could be that because of the fleece texture, it may attract more dust and animal hair than other types of bedding. The fleece bedding is great for those who like innovations and experiments.

fleece bedding in light gray color on a king bed
pink fleece bedding on a bed

Silk bedding - luxury all year round bedding

Silk bedding is the queen of bedding. It's luxurious, beautiful, and elegant. Silk bedding is suitable for sleeping in it all year round. Silk fabric has excellent thermoregulation properties. It gives warmth when it's cold and refreshes when it's hot. Silk bedding feels fabulous against the skin, and it's suitable for the most demanding and sensitive skin. It's remarkably smooth, hypoallergenic, and dries quickly.

Silk bedding is quite demanding in terms of care. If you choose this type of bedding, then you should use the mildest regime possible when washing it in a washing machine and never dry silk bedding in direct sunlight.

Silk bedding will also be the most expensive one, as the manufacturing process, starting from producing the fabric to creating the bedding itself, requires lots of resources and accuracy.

pink silk bedding on a bed
sky blue silk bedding on a bed

These are the most popular types of bedding for winter, and as you already read, then some of them can also be used all year round. We hope that this information will help you to choose the best bedding for your cold season dreams and that you'll sleep well.

If you have already tried sleeping in any of the mentioned bedding - share your experience in comments.

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