Pillowcases (27)

Ruffle pillowcase - dark gray

$ 41.47 USD$ 48.22 USD

Linen pillowcase - light gray

$ 24.09 USD$ 28.01 USD

Linen pillowcase - white

$ 24.09 USD$ 28.01 USD

Linen pillowcase - dark gray

$ 24.09 USD$ 28.01 USD

Pillowcases Set - Light Blue

$ 45.00 USD

Pillowcases Set - Green

$ 45.00 USD

Ruffle Pillowcases Set - White

$ 78.00 USD
Rest your head on a natural linen pillowcase and have the sweetest dreams. Our 100% linen pillowcases are soft and gentle - we create them from a special stonewashed linen, which is softer than traditional linen.

Linen is also well known for an excellent thermo-regulation. It's hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and highly moisture absorbent. Linen also dries quickly, so linen pillowcases will not accumulate the humidity and will be always dry and fresh. This makes linen pillow covers especially suitable for people with sensitive and allergic skin.

The linen pillowcases will also look fabulous on the bed. Dress your pillows in them and see how cozy your bedroom gets. You can even choose to have multiple pillows in different color pillowcases on your bed for an extra style and coziness.