Tips for Living More Sustainably

by Back 2 Linen on August 05, 2020

Dark grey linen wrap dressWhat is sustainability? Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Basically sustainability is about protecting the natural environment and human health by encouraging innovation and not compromising our way of life.

You can live a more sustainable life yourself. Here are some simple ways to be more sustainable by making easy changes in your life.

Choose sustainable clothing

Loose linen shirt in light grey colorEverything we buy affects the environment, including the clothes we buy. Lower your footprint by buying less and choosing brands that sell long-lasting and high-quality clothing. Instead of purchasing fast fashion pieces - choose organic clothing. For example, your linen shirt will last for decades if cared for correctly and will look great even after countless washes. Plus, sustainable clothing is always in fashion. Be mindful of what you buy and choose quality over quantity.

Compost and learn how to store groceries

Food wraps for sustainable livingIf you find yourself constantly throwing out food in the garbage you might consider composting and learning how to store groceries so that they last longer. It will be more friendly for the planet and will save you money. Why you should compost? Every time you throw out food it means that all the efforts and resources taken to grow and sell the product was for nothing. The food you throw out ends up in the landfill where it then releases harmful gases for the environment.
Therefore, the best thing to do is compost or store your groceries with eco-friendly wraps that keep your products stay fresh longer.

Eat seasonal products

Seasonal fruits and vegetablesEating seasonal products is also beneficial to the environment in many aspects. It is not only more healthy for you but is also leaving less footprint caused by packaging and distribution. Find out what are the seasonal products at the moment and next time you go to the store be mindful of that. Tip: create a meal plan for a week to avoid buying food that you don’t even eat.

Use reusable grocery bags

Sustainable living reusable grocery bagsForget about those ugly plastic produce bags - switch to a beautiful reusable bag which you will enjoy bringing each time you go shopping for food. Cut down on using plastic bags and use a bag made from eco-friendly material like cotton or linen. These days you can buy them at the store as well.

Replace light bulbs with LED bulbs (energy-efficient)

Light bulb for sustainable homeSometimes just a little change can get you much closer to more sustainable living. Like switching all your light bulbs in the house to LEDs or CFLs. Why? Because the simple light bulbs waste a lot of energy and don’t last very long. On the other hand, the LEDs and CFLs are way more energy-efficient and can actually last for years. They are more expensive, but they definitely pay off over time. You just have to make a commitment.

Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs

Reusable water bottle for sustainable living- “It’s only one plastic bottle,” said 8 billion people!
The reason that it takes 450 years to decompose is good enough for you to stop getting plastic water bottles and non-reusable coffee mugs. It is one of the basic things to do when willing to live a more sustainable life. It is also unhealthy for you as plastic bottles can sustain harmful chemicals that can make the way into your bloodstream.

In fact, drinking water or coffee from a reusable bottle or cup is way more fun. There are many brands out there that sell beautiful and unique bottles and cups.

Lower meat consumption

Sustainable livingThis one can be hard for many, but once you get educated about how much resources are needed to make meat for your consumption, you’ll want to reduce it at least by half. If you want to live more sustainable, you can’t skip this step. You can start little by little to make it easier for you. Reducing meat consumption is also known to be beneficial to your overall health. There are many documentaries out there that talk about this issue and gives you all the reasons to quit eating so much meat.

It is not a great feeling when you know how much waste we produce and how much we overpay for things. With these ideas, I hope you found an inspiration to switch to a more sustainable life and reduce your carbon footprint. It will not only be friendly to our planet but will also save you some money over time. It’s ok to start with something small and then create a habit to be mindful of your purchases.


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