Custom Linen Curtains Size Calculator: Dimensions Scheme - Width and Height Measurements for Perfect Fit
Custom Linen Curtains Size Calculator Dimensions Scheme - Easily calculate the perfect size for your linen curtains with our online calculator
Custom Linen Curtains Color Options - Explore our range of linen curtain colors to find the perfect match for your interior decor
Custom Linen Curtains Top Style Options - Choose from a variety of top styles to customize the look of your linen curtains and match your decor
Organic Linen Curtains from 100% Natural Stonewashed Linen. Custom Curtains with Different Top Style Options. Natural-Undyed Linen Curtains.
Organic Linen Curtains from 100% Natural Stonewashed Linen. Custom Curtains with Different Top Style Options. White Color Linen Curtains.
Organic Linen Curtains from 100% Natural Stonewashed Linen. Custom Curtains with Different Top Style Options. White Color Linen Curtains Close-up.

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      Transform your living room or bedroom with our high-quality, sustainable custom linen curtains. Made to measure and crafted from organic stonewashed linen, our curtains are the perfect addition to any stylish interior. Our custom linen curtains size calculator ensures a perfect fit for any window, whether it's wide, long, or large. Each curtain is made to your individual specifications, ensuring a truly unique and luxurious addition to your home.

      Curtains are available with different top styles - practical and stylish tab top, minimalistic back tab, flat top for clips, beautiful drop pleating tape for hooks, elegant rod pocket and chic curtain ties.

      Our linen curtains offer a touch of understated elegance, providing a sophisticated and natural look to your living space. With their sustainable and eco-friendly credentials, they are a responsible choice for those who value both style and sustainability. Our curtains are available in a range of colors to suit any interior style, and with our custom size calculator, you can be sure of a perfect fit every time. Elevate your home decor with our custom linen curtains - a sustainable and stylish addition to any home.
      Material composition of the linen fabric is 100% linen. It's stonewashed - softened in a special technique and is softer than traditional linen. This linen is gentle, smooth and it'll become even softer with each wash.
      The fabric will not shrink if taken care properly. If washed on higher temperatures or more spins than suggested, it may shrink for around 2.5%, however, it'll not change the fabrics quality or strength.
      The linen is Oeko Tex certified - we use linen which is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.
      The weight of the fabric is around 180 gsm - medium weight linen.
      The high-quality material and special creation techniques, ensure that the product will keep its shape and shade. It'll look great even after countless washes.
      Your order will be ready in 1-3 business days.
      After your order is ready, it will be delivered in 1-3 business days worldwide.
      FedEx express courier will deliver your package at your doorstep.
      To reduce the CO2 emissions footprint that is caused by using unnecessary and too large packaging, you'll receive your product packed compactly. Be careful when opening the packaging and don't use sharp items to open it. Shake your product well after taking it out of the package, so it obtains its shape and fluffiness.
      The curtains width should be twice the window's width.
      For covering the windows with two pieces of curtains, each one curtain should be in the width of the window.

      We make any custom size curtains - message us if you don't see the needed size in the drop-down list.
      The colors you see in the photos are affected by your device screen specifics. The shade differences are acceptable and don't qualify as a reason for returns.
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