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    Ruffle Duvet Cover and Pillowcases Set - Pink

    $ 376.00 USD
    Expected delivery date: 31-Jul-2024
    This linen ruffle bedding set includes a beautiful ruffle duvet cover and ruffle pillowcases. Created from stonewashed linen, the bedding is soft, hypoallergenic, and super durable.

    Color of this ruffle bedding set - Pink.

    This ruffle duvet cover set includes 1 ruffle duvet cover and 2 ruffle pillowcases.

    Duvet cover has a practical zipper closure and ties in the inner corners to fasten the blanket inside the duvet cover if needed.
    The ruffle of the duvet cover is 5 inches / 12 cm wide and it goes along all the duvet cover.

    The linen pillowcases have a practical closure with a deep overlapping side pocket.
    Ruffles of the pillowcase are 5 inches / 12 cm wide, and they go all along the sides of the pillowcase.
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      Material composition of the linen fabric is 100% linen. It's stonewashed - softened in a special technique and is softer than traditional linen. This linen is gentle, smooth and it'll become even softer with each wash.
      The fabric will not shrink if taken care properly. If washed on higher temperatures or more spins than suggested, it may shrink for around 2.5%, however, it'll not change the fabrics quality or strength.
      The linen is Oeko Tex certified - we use linen which is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.
      The weight of the fabric is around 180 gsm - medium weight linen.
      The high-quality material and special creation techniques, ensure that the product will keep its shape and shade. It'll look great even after countless washes.
      Your order will be ready in around one week.
      After your order is ready, it will be delivered in around 2-5 business days worldwide.
      To reduce the CO2 emissions footprint which is caused by using extra packaging materials, you'll receive your product packed compactly. Be careful when opening the packaging and don't use sharp items to open it.
      Duvet cover should be the same size as your duvet.
      Pillowcase width and length should be the same size as the pillow.
      It's still ok if the duvet cover or pillowcase are slightly larger or smaller.

      We make any custom size sets - message us if you don't find the needed sizes in the drop-down menu.
      The colors you see in the photos are affected by your device screen specifics. The shade differences are acceptable and don't qualify as a reason for returns.
      If you want to see the true colors, please order the color samples here.