How to Choose Linen Dress According to Your Body Type

by Back 2 Linen on June 10, 2020

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Looking for a linen dress, but don't know which is more appropriate for you? The trick to looking good in a dress is to find out your body type and dress accordingly. This way the clothes help to accentuate your complementary body parts. We've created a guide that will help you to identify your body type and choose the most flattering linen dress. And remember - each body is perfect in its own way.

1. Apple Body Shape

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The apple body shape - also referred to as a circular or round shape, usually means your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are fairly uniform—but your shoulders and hips may be slightly narrower. Your waistline is rather undefined and you have a large bust.

Which dress to choose?

linen dress from organic linen a-line dress

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Balance your body with an A-line skirt and choose a v-neck to show off your curves and open your neckline. For this purpose, a good choice is A-line linen dress Amara, which will balance your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.

2. Hourglass Body Shape

hourglass body shape

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If your hip and bust measurements are almost the same size, with a narrow waist, you most likely have an hourglass-shaped body. Other characteristics are slightly round shoulders, rounded hips, and bigger thighs.

Which dress to choose?

blue linen wrap dress organic linen dress

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The key to finding a dress for this body type is to follow the natural silhouette and do not unbalance the body frame. In this case, you'll need a dress that shows off your beautiful curves. You can accent your beautiful slim waist with one of the linen wrap dresses, for example, linen kimono dress Nora or linen wrap dress Elizabeth.

3. Column or Rectangle Body Shape


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The rectangle shape is the most dominant of all body types. You have a rectangle body shape if you don't have a defined waist, the hips tend to have a similar width as the shoulders, you do not have a lot of curves and your bust tends to be small or average.

Which dress to choose?

organic linen summer dress with pockets dark gray

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The rectangle body shape is one of the easiest for dressing. You have a wide choice of dresses, which will look fabulous on your body type. It really depends on where you want to draw attention. If you want to add attention to your waist and highlight your torso - choose linen wrap dress Evelyn. If your waist isn’t much slimmer than your bust and hips, you can skim over your waist completely and choose linen shift dress Adeline or pinafore dress Anna for a loose look.

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape


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Women with inverted triangle body shape tend to have an athletic look. You have an inverted triangle body type if you have a big bust, wide shoulders, undefined waist, and narrow lower body.

Which dress to choose?

blue linen dress with pockets

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With this body shape, you want to draw attention to your lower body to create a balanced silhouette. You should focus on adding volume to your lower body and creating the illusion of a waist. It's also advised to look for deep and narrow necklines, such as U or V necklines. To achieve the best look for your body - choose loose linen dress Caroline or linen kimono dress Nora.

5. Pear Body Shape


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Do you have narrow shoulders, small bust, and wide hips? If so, you have a pear body shape. Usually, women with this body type have a defined waist and slim arms and shoulders.

Which dress to choose?

blue linen dress organic ruffle dress

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With this body shape, you want to take the attention away from the wide hips and draw it towards the upper body and accentuate the waist. Great choices of dresses are A-line and X-line dresses as they are wide at the bottom and balance out the hips. To widen the shoulders, you should choose a neckline that is wide and short such as square or collar necklines. It's advisable to choose an off-shoulder dress as it adds an extra few inches to your upper body. For this body type, it's advisable to choose linen dress Christina, button front dress Aurora or Grace.


It's never a bad idea to look your best, so hopefully, you identified your body type and this helped you to choose the perfect linen dress. Once you know how to dress your body type, it's amazing how easy it becomes to pick the right piece of clothing and always look fabulous!

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