How to Measure Curtains - Custom Curtains Size Calculator

by Back 2 Linen on April 15, 2024
custom size linen curtains

Have you ever wondered how to measure curtains to have the correct size and the most beautiful drop for them? If you're looking for custom size curtains for your home that will fit perfectly, then you have come to the right place.

Is measuring the correct size curtains an easy project to do?

Understanding the sizing of the perfect curtains might be challenging if you're doing it for the first time. However, we have made it very simple for you, so you can have your ideal curtains without any worries that they'll not fit well.

First, there are two dimensions to consider when choosing the curtains - the width and the length of the curtains.

Dimension number one - length

The length dimension is pretty simple because the length of the curtains is super easy to understand and measure. The needed curtain length, is measured from the curtain rod to the place where you would like the curtains to end. The most beautiful curtains will look if they'll reach the floor or even puddle a bit on the floor. Of course, if you're living in a house where heaters are placed just right under the windowsill, then the curtains shouldn't cover the heaters. Because covering them with the curtains, will result in less heat in the room as the curtains can block the warmth coming from the heater. An option in this case is to have the curtains that end somewhere around the windowsill. Another clever option is to have full-length curtains while installing the Roman blinds straight on the windows. That will help you to have both - beautiful curtains while allowing the heat in the room.

Dimension number two - width

The second dimension of the curtains is the width. Understanding this can be challenging. However, there's a pretty simple rule for having the most beautiful crease for the curtains, and this is - the width of the curtain should be twice the window area width that needs to be covered. With this, we mean the whole width of the window itself and the rod system width. The complete width of the rod should be calculated in the measurements because the rod typically is wider than the window itself. The rod needs to be wider than the window so that the sides of the window are also neatly covered. To have a curtain width that is twice the rod width will ensure that your curtains have a beautiful crease.

custom size curtains

Curtains custom size calculator - your solution for maximum accuracy!

As the windows can be quite different in their dimensions, then we now have made it easy for you to have custom curtains made specially for your windows. You can use our custom curtains size calculator and have the specific size for your windows and the look you would like to achieve. The custom curtains calculator is super easy to use, and you'll also be able to see the pricing for your curtains right away.


custom size curtains calculator


We hope that our custom size calculator for curtains will make the process of choosing curtains much easier. As we use a special wide linen fabric for all our linen curtains, then you'll find a solution with us even if you have large windows - we've got you covered!


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