Inspiring Ideas for Thanksgiving Table

by Back 2 Linen on November 04, 2020

Natural Linen TableclothThanksgiving is all about being thankful, spending time with family, and slowing down. But it is also a perfect opportunity to show your decorating style. The table is everything during Thanksgiving and there are so many design choices to be made so that the table setting looks gorgeous. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we have everything you need! Here are 5 inspiring ideas for your Thanksgiving table.

1. Choose a stylish tablecloth

Natural Linen Tablecloth For ThanksgivingThere is going to be a lot of action happening on your dinner table during Thanksgiving, so make sure the table protected and looking wonderful with a nice tablecloth.

We recommend choosing a simple tablecloth so that it’s not overpowering the dinnerware and centerpieces. The cloth should be big enough to drape at least 6 inches over each side of the table.

When deciding on the colors of the tablecloth and the whole table setting, don’t be afraid to break away from traditional oranges and yellows. Instead go for neutrals, like whites, browns, and grays.

It’s always better to choose natural and long-lasting materials. If you are ready to make the choice and invest in beautiful linens, from table covers to napkins, you can be sure that your table design will stand out. Because of the durability linen will last and linen tablecloths tend to be passed down even to the next generations. Linen is also a stain-resistant material and it requires a very easy basic care. We offer linen tablecloths in various sizes and colors.

If you have never tried linen tablecloth you will be surprised how graceful, mild and strong it can be at the same time. And if you already have experienced nature touch of linen you will be amazed how smooth is our softened linen - thanks to the evolution of technology. They're a perfect choice for any special event if you want to be sure to have the right table decoration.

2. Add natural accents and centerpieces

Pumkin Centerpieces for Thanksgiving tableImage source

Layer on fresh and colorful flowers from the garden. It is better to choose a few smaller vases, than one big – it will free space to put all that delicious Thanksgiving food! If there are no flowers available, fall leaves in a vase will be a wonderful accent.

Use a wood slice charger beneath your plates for a natural look. Together with plenty of florals the wooden pieces with bringing in the vibes of nature and forest in the most glamorous way. It's all in the details.

For a natural look choose pumpkins as the centerpiece! You can mix mini pumpkins together with bigger pumpkins, or even mix pumpkins with pears or apples for creating a perfect setting. Depending on the color of the tablecloth, you can choose white or orange pumpkins. You can even paint the pumpkins in gold, to become a statement piece, however, we would suggest staying natural.

3. Add light

Candle light for Thanksgiving tableImage source

Plenty of candles will bring not only light but also create a romantic atmosphere. Candlelight will set the mood for a wonderful dinner. When choosing candles and candlesticks, make sure they’re matching the textures and colors you already have on the table!

4. Complete the look with napkins

Beautiful Linen Napkins for Thanksgiving If there's one thing that can ruin the setting, it's paper napkins. Definitely choose cloth napkins that match the overall table setting. If you would like napkins that match your linen tablecloth – choose our linen napkin set. They come in various colors, so you can choose them to match your tablecloth or to stand out and as a beautiful accent.

For the napkins, you can also use a napkin ring. If using one, we suggest going for a simple and natural look. Simply roll the cloth napkin and tie with a piece of twine. The result is an effortless look that would perfectly match the linen napkins.

5. Use place cards

Name Cards for Thanksgiving TableImage source

Place cards are a small gesture that shows that your guests are welcomed and lets them know they are wanted at your table.

You can choose to buy place cards ready or DIY them. There are plenty of inspirational tutorials for making place cards. To be honest, it doesn’t need to be anything complicated - simply fold over a neutral color card and wrote each guest’s name in elegant handwriting.


Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate families being together and appreciating each one of us, therefore why not do it in the most beautiful way. Any meaningful celebration deserves a well-dressed table. Hope these ideas inspired you to make Thanksgiving even more special!

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