Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas for 2024

by Back 2 Linen on August 30, 2021
Thanksgiving table setting 2021

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday. It’s a day in which closest and dearest ones come together to thank for all the good and kind that was brought by the past year. 

This year Thanksgiving Day is especially welcomed. We have come to times where relationship and happiness are above all appreciated and the gatherings with the loved ones are particularly special.

We have created this blog post to share some ideas on how to decorate the Thanksgiving table, which brings everyone around it on this day. We’ll show beautiful and elegant Thanksgiving table settings as well as a few of admirable decors and masterpieces for your celebration.

1. Choosing the table setting style

When you’re deciding on the Thanksgiving table setting style, it’s important to consider the overall home style. The best is when the table setting is created in the same style as the room, in which the celebration takes a place. There are some interior styles, which are more open to combining them with another styles.

For example, if your dining room is in a minimalistic style, then you can easily choose any other style for your table setting. If the dining room is created in a transitional, mid-century modern or Scandinavian style, then the previous is also true. On the contrary, if the dining room is in, for example, French, country or classical style, then the table setting overall look and details should resemble the ones of interior. However, not to make it too complicated, it’s most important to remember, that Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration with certain traditional shades and decors. It’s what makes it special, so a safe-go is to combine the traditional look with some details of your interior and that should work perfectly!

Traditional style Thanksgiving table setting
Modern style Thanksgiving table setting

2. Deciding on the colors

Traditional Thanksgiving decorations colors are brown, yellow, orange, dark red, and green. You can decorate with them all or choose just a couple of shades, combining them with your interior. To have some accents, add white, black, silver, gold or copper to the traditional colors. This will make your Thanksgiving table more original and up to date.

Traditional Thanksgiving decorations colors scheme palette

3. Must-haves for the setting

Thanksgiving dinner is a holiday dinner, so it requires some basic table setting etiquette. Although, usually the dinner guests are well-known loved ones, it’s still important to remember that the dinner is about celebration, appreciation, and solemnity.

Don’t leave your table uncovered

Maybe you have a designer dining table, which is particularly beautiful, however, the basic etiquette requires that the table is covered with a tablecloth. It’ll not only protect your table, but it’ll also give a bit more comfort for your guests, as they’ll feel more relaxed (not worrying about spilling something directly on a table). Also, the tablecloth drop will cover their legs, and that will give more comfort.

Tip about the tablecloth drop length! More casual dinner requires tablecloth, which has a drop of around 8-15 inches (20-38 cm). If the dinner is more formal, then the tablecloth drop should be either 15 inches (38 cm) or touching the floor. Put it more simple – the longer the tablecloth, the more elegant the overall table look.

The best material for the tablecloth, is a natural material. Choose a cotton satin or stonewashed linen tablecloth, and your table will look flawless.

Thanksgiving table with natural linen tablecloth

Provide your guests with napkins

Napkins is another must-have for dining. They’re such a small, however, very important detail for your guests comfort. The guests will maybe not notice this detail, as it’s a very standard, however, you can be sure that they will notice if there will be no napkins on the table.

The napkins can be either in the same shade as the tablecloth, or you can make a bolder look with a contrast color napkins. Also, you can either choose good quality paper napkins, or provide your guests with a natural fabric napkins, like cotton satin or linen napkins, which will be more elegant.

Organic linen napkin and guest table note with name

Invest in a good tableware

Nothing makes table more elegant than beautiful and solid tableware.

Choose high quality material dishes, for example, plates, bowls, and cups from stoneware. Stoneware dishes is a good investment – they’re strong, durable, and look extremely beautiful. Porcelain is another option for dishes. These type of dishes will not be as sturdy as the stoneware, however, they’ll look even more elegant and sophisticated. If you like glass dishes, however prefer the ones that will serve for longer (in a very straight meaning), then vitrified glass is a perfect option, as this type of glass is specially treaded so it becomes more durable and sturdy.

Decorated table with silverware and porceilan dishes

Flatware, also called cutlery – it’s something more than just tools. Although the flatware is sometimes seen very straight-forward for their function, an excellent quality flatware can bring dining to a whole different experience. When purchasing the flatware, think about the following – how comfortable it is to hold the forks, knives, and spoons in arms and how well they perform their function. Think about how smooth is the material, how clean it looks, and will the material start to rust with the time. The best manner is also to have the whole flatware pieces from the same set. If you feel confident about your style skills, then, of course, a little mix and match can bring a chic accent. When deciding on the material for the flatware, stainless steel and sterling silver are the top choices – choose one of them, based on your budget preferences, and it’ll be a good investment.

Thanksgiving table with silverware and orange napkin on a plate

Create the mood with decors

Your guests will appreciate if you’ll add some decors on the table. It could be beautiful candle holders with candles, vases with flowers or little sculptures. We’ll look into some ideas in the next chapter.

4. Decorating the table

If you have chosen a good-quality tablecloth, napkins, and tableware, you have done already more than a half of the work. The next to consider, is how to give a bit more character and mood to the table setting.

Traditional Thanksgiving table decors include a horn of plenty as a centerpiece, seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, candles, and dried flowers.

Woman decorating Thanksgiving table with dried flowers and pumpkins

The horn of plenty

Also known as the cornucopia, can be filled with small pumpkins, grapes, apples, corn and other vegetables and fruits. For more original look you can add some dried flowers and dried grains. Nowadays and actual horn is most often replaced with a natural woven basket from wicker or a large plate, or wooden board.

Thanksgiving horn of plenty in a woven basket with pumpkins

Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and nuts

They can be also put on a table individually as decors. Smallest fruits, e.g. pears or nuts, can be put on the plates as snacks for welcoming the guests. The nuts in their shells will also make a beautiful decor when poured in a nice transparent glass bowl or vase.

Pear decor on Thanksgiving table with walnuts


Candles are very essential for creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. The best look will be obtained if candles are taller than other table decorations. The other option is to place the tealight candles in tall glass candle holders, jars or glasses. This option will create a warm light smoothly all over the table.

Candles on a Thanksgiving table with food
Candles on a large Thanksgiving table

Dried flowers and grains

A very lovely and beautiful accent for the Thanksgiving table is dried flowers and grains. They’re symbols of well-preserved harvest. If you like more minimalistic style, then you can add a few flowers or grain stems in a vase. Or for a more plentiful look – colorful flower bouquets and compositions will work beautifully.

Dried flowers composition on Thanksgiving table with candles

5. Finishing touch

Beautifully served food

The finishing touch for your Thanksgiving table will surely be the food. Sometimes, the food itself makes a wonderful décor. Try out adding some of your artistic skills for baking the pie or serving the lemonade or snacks. The guests will not only appreciate the taste of the food, but also the thoughtful look of it.

Pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving table with pumpkins

Name cards

Particularly special finishing touch will be personalized table notes with guests names - this will make your guests feel especially welcomed.

Thanksgiving table with linen napkin and personalized name note

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday, when we share the kindness and love with our dearest ones. We believe that your loved ones will appreciate your efforts for organizing the dinner and bringing everyone together. May the celebration be kind, full of warm talks, and lots of reasons to thank for. Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

Thanksgiving celebration at the table with family

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