7 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Table

by Back 2 Linen on July 23, 2020

 Coastal table decoration with natural linen

Is there anything better than a summer barbeque? When the weather is warm, it’s always better to have your meal outside. We have gathered some ideas that will help you to decorate your outdoor table for your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner party. Whether you have a petite balcony, a huge terrace, or a garden, there’s plenty of what you can do to create a table setting that is stylish and meaningful. Get inspired by these 7 outdoor table setting styles.

Costal inspired table setting

Natural linen tablelcoth

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Create an elegant seaside tablescape featuring natural colors like white, beige, creamy pink, and ocean blue. Take the colors from the seaside and use them when decorating. You can even use nature motifs from the seaside such as starfish and shells and bring them to the table as centerpieces or beautiful accents. Give a more natural look by choosing natural linen tablecloth and top it with a beautiful macrame runner.

This style is perfect for any occasion whether it’s a wedding or a simple dinner party with your friends.

Laidback boho party

Boho style table settingFree minded people will love this laid back boho style for your next party with friends. A bohemian style tablescape should feature low furniture, earthy colors, throw pillows with different patterns, rugs, greenery, vintage elements, and anything else that will bring a flair of an unconventional lifestyle. You can also decorate the space with some candlelight and string lights. This style should give a cozy and relaxed feeling, where everyone can enjoy their meal not being worried about how to use the next fork on the table. Boho style table setting is very popular to use for wedding parties and picnic parties.

Minimalistic dinner


White and grey minimalist table setting

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Do you love simple things? Then this is a complete contrast to the boho style. Everything on the table is thoughtfully considerate - the food, decors, flowers, tableware, and even table linens. Nothing on the table is by mistake and chaotic. For a minimalist table setting stick to clean lines, modern details, and simple color palette. A white linen tablecloth with linen napkins in neutral tones, black or gold cutlery, simple tableware, a few modern candle holders, and small floral arrangements will look just fabulous. The food you serve also should be thoughtful - it’s a no for huge portions and many food choices. Bring a well-known vine and champagne for an even more classic vibe.

Countryside getaway breakfast

Countryside table setting

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If you’re going for a countryside getaway and planning to have a special breakfast for two or with your family then you might consider some things before decorating. Choose the location - wherever you are, take your table out somewhere in the backyard or even better if it’s a meadow. Think about natural decorations - pick some flowers or greenery and put them in glass bottles, bring some natural linens, light a few candles, bring your food basket, and put everything on the table. There are no rules as long as everything is natural and looks a bit rustic. Think of giving the table a nostalgic and childhood-like feeling.

Full bloom brunch

Pink linen tablecloth

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Are flowers your thing? Perfect. Bring them all out on the table and have a full bloom brunch or bachelorette party with your girls. For the table setting choose a pastel color palette and flowers as centerpieces. Some of the most beautiful flowers to bring on the table are peonies and roses, but any kind of blooming flowers will do. Flowers will work as a great accessory on the plates as well.

For this kind of table setting you want to serve food and drinks that are beautiful too. For example, give a lemonade or vine in matching colourful glassware, have some “tapas”, try out some great salad recipes and finally end with a creamy and delicious dessert.

Tropic-inspired table setting

Tropical table settingImage source

Bring your favorite vacation spot to the table. Use a color palette featuring bright and tropical colors like teal green, coral, bright yellow, and natural browns. Combine the colors and exotic elements to create a tropic-inspired table setting. Bring in tropical accents like large palm leaves, teal throw pillows, bamboo plates, and green or yellow glassware. For centerpieces use any kinds of tropical goods such as pineapples, lemons, grapefruits, limes, and coconuts, and combine them with pink or purple tropical flowers and palm leaves. When it comes to tropical style - little details are also important. For example, a nice touch would be using palm leaves under the plates.

Luxury garden party

Luxury outdoor table settingImage source

If you want to throw something extra special let’s make it luxury. To achieve a luxury looking table setting you should use colors that look elegant such as combining white with gold and black. For a little modern look you can use other colors like purple and teal, but they should be used just as little accents. Pair black plates with gold cutlery and textured napkins to achieve a modern place setting. Use soft flowers and gold or metal candle holders as centerpieces. The table setting should be classic and simple.

Choose the best style based on your location and meaning. Whether it’s a birthday, a family breakfast, or a wedding, I hope this guide inspired you to create an unforgettable event with the help of creating a magical table setting. Remember that when it comes to decorating - details are very important.

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